For an overall description of the year's organization, number of hours and ECTS, please refer to the overview page.

Boot camp

  • Psychology track only: Mathematics by Ugo Gragnolati. Syllabus.
  • Both tracks: Statistics by Angelo Secchi. Syllabus.


Students with a background in psychology


  • Introduction to economics (Fall) by Lise Rochaix. Syllabus.
  • Behavior of economic agents (Fall) by Leonardo Pejsachowicz. Syllabus.
  • Introduction to macroeconomics (Spring) by Ugo Gragnolati. Syllabus.


Students with a background in economics


  • Introduction to cognitive psychology (Fall) by Pauline Favre (Tutorials: Félix Schoeller). Syllabus.
  • Introduction to social psychology (Fall) by Théodore Alexopoulos, Nadine Chaurand and Bo Sanitioso. Syllabus.
  • Introduction to differential psychology (Fall) by Todd Lubart, Laurent Sovet. Syllabus.


 Common courses



  • Applied Microeconomics (Spring) by Béatrice Boulu-Reshef and Christos Ioannou (Tutorials: Justine Jouxtel). Syllabus
  • Applied Psychology (Spring) by Samira Bourgeois-Bougrine, Antonia Csillik and Lucia Bosone. Syllabus.
  • Strategic interactions (Spring) by Stéphane Gauthier (Tutorials: Max Lobeck). Syllabus.
  • Introduction to econometrics (Fall) by Angelo Secchi (Tutorials: Irene Iodice). Syllabus. Class material.
  • Introduction to neuroeconomics and to cognitive neurosciences (Spring) by Grégoire Borst. Syllabus.
  • Research methods - Economics (Spring): Part I: The practice of experiments by Rémi Yin. Syllabus. Part II: Applied econometrics by Nicolas Jacquemet. Syllabus. Class material.
  • Research methods - Psychology (Spring): Part I: Advanced psychometrics by Laurent Sovet. Syllabus. Part II: Observational design study by Catherine Delgoulet and Ghislaine Tirilly. Syllabus.