For an overall description of the year's organization, number of hours and ECTS, please refer to the overview page.

Internal information (restricted to students who are currently enrolled) is posted on the M1 EPI.

Boot camp

  • Econ. track: Brain sciences by Antonius Wiehler. Syllabus.
  • Statistics by Angelo Secchi. Syllabus.


Students with a background in psychology (Psy track)


  • Principles of economics (Fall) by Lise Rochaix (Tutorials: Lily Savey). Syllabus.
  • Introduction to microeconomics (Fall) by Leonardo Pejsachowicz (Tutorials: Lily Savey). Syllabus.
  • Introduction to macroeconomics (Spring) by Lorenzo Cassi. Syllabus.


Students with a background in economics (Econ track)


  • Introduction to cognitive psychology (Fall) by Bastien Blain (Tutorials: Cyril Thomas). Syllabus. Course Material
  • Introduction to social psychology (Fall) by Bo Sanitioso and Luc Veira (Tutorials: Nadine Chaurand). Syllabus.
  • Introduction to differential psychology (Fall) by Todd Lubart (Tutorials: Florent Vinchon). Syllabus. Course Material.


Common courses


  • Research tools: electronic resources and references management (Fall), by the MSE Library team.
  • Applied Microeconomics (Spring) by Liza Charroin and François Fontaine (Tutorials: Charlotte Saucet). Syllabus. Course Material
  • Applied Psychology (Spring) by Lucia Bosone and Phillipe Cabon. Syllabus.
  • Introduction to neuroeconomics and to cognitive neurosciences (Spring) by André Knops and Elise Klein. Syllabus.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Method 1 - Psychology (Fall) coordinated by Nadia Alahyane and Valentina La Corte. Syllabus. Course material.
  • Research methods - Economics (Spring): Part I: The practice of experiments by Fabrice Le Lec. Syllabus. Part II: Applied econometrics by Nicolas Jacquemet. Syllabus. Course material.
  • Research methods - Psychology (Spring): Part I: Advanced psychometrics by Laurent Sovet. Syllabus. Part II: Observational design study by Carol Sankey.