For a short description of available courses, please refer to the book of abstract. For an overall description of the year's organization, number of hours and ECTS, please refer to the overview page.


Mandatory courses


  • Job orientation (Spring), by Phillipe Cabon. Syllabus.

  • Economics and psychology reasearch seminar, by Fabrice le Lec. Schedule. Syllabus.

  • Research tools: electronic resources and references management (Fall), by the MSE Library team.




  • Applied microeconometrics (Fall), by Morgane Laouenan. Syllabus.




  • Cognition and economic behavior (Fall), by Nathan Faivre, Vincent de Gardelle and Jean-Christophe Vergnault. Syllabus.

  • Economic and social psychology (Fall), by Christine Roland-Lévy. Syllabus.

  • Emotions, identity and behavior (Fall), by Bo Sanitioso and Sylvia Krauth-Gruber.


Optional courses


Students must choose 2 courses during fall semester and 4 during the spring semester. Among all 6 optional courses, 3 must belong to the Economics list, 3 to the Psychology list.




  • Economics of decision under risk, uncertainty and time (Fall), by Vincent de Gardelle and Jean-Christophe Vergnault. Syllabus.
  • Economics of happiness and subjective states (Sping), by Andrew Clark and Sarah Flèche. Syllabus.
  • Neuroeconomics (Spring), by Bastien Blain. Syllabus.