For an overall description of the year's organization, number of hours and ECTS, please refer to the overview page.

Internal information (restricted to students who are currently enrolled) is posted on the M2 EPI.



Track specific classes


PhD track


  • Frontiers in behavioral Economics (Spring), by Charlotte Saucet and Nicolas Jacquemet. Syllabus. Course Material.


Professional track


  • Consulting and professional careers (Fall), by Phillipe Cabon. Syllabus.
  • Job orientation (Spring), by Phillipe Cabon. Syllabus.

Mandatory courses


  • Economics and psychology research seminar, graded by Christos Ioannou and Nicolas Jacquemet, organized by Fabrice Le Lec. Schedule. Syllabus.
  • Cognition and economic behavior (Fall), by Jean Daunizeau. Syllabus.

  • Emotions, identity and behavior (Fall), by Bo Sanitioso and Sylvia Krauth-Gruber. Syllabus.


Optional courses


Students must choose 3 classes within the list.

  • Behavioral Industrial Organization (Spring), by Leonardo Pejsachowicz. Syllabus.
  • Economics of happiness and subjective states (Spring), by Andrew Clark and Sarah Flèche. Syllabus. Course Material.
  • Creativity and Innovation (Spring), by Todd Lubart. Syllabus.

  • Neuroeconomics (Fall), by Stefano Palminteri and Mael Lebreton. Syllabus.

  • Personnel Psychology (Spring), by Justine Massu

  • Leadership (Spring), by Marina Bastounis. Syllabus. Course material.

  • Spring class of the PhD/Professional track.
  • One optional class from the Cog Master, to be chosen in the following list (course content & timetable):
    • PSYCH 101        Introduction to Cognitive Neuropsychology
    • COGSCI 303     Education, cognition, cerveau
    • COGSCI  306     Perception visuelle
    • COGSCI  307     Perception auditive
    • COGSCI  308      Perception et action
    • COGSCI  310      Action, décision et volition